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Why To Start A Crypto Exchange Like Huobi? | Huobi Clone Script
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Why To Start A Crypto Exchange Like Huobi? | Huobi Clone Script

Why To Start A Crypto Exchange Like Huobi? | Huobi Clone Script

Cryptocurrencies are ruling the whole world because most crypto entrepreneurs and enthusiasts across the globe acquire more profit through running a cryptocurrency exchange website. The only reason why businessmen are interested in bitcoin exchange services is they get funds for every transaction happening in the platform or listing the trader coins /tokens and affiliated programs etc.
Do you wish to start a cryptocurrency exchange website with all security features and user-friendly UI at an affordable price?
Do you need a branded crypto peer to peer or centralized, decentralized exchange clone scripts?
Let us explain our new revenue gaining business model Huobi trading script.

Huobi Clone Script 

Huobi clone script is a cryptocurrency trading exchange script available with all security plugins like Huobi. The clone script can be scalable and able to complete your future demands to make it a better trading portal.

What is Huobi?

Huobi is a Singapore-based global cryptocurrency exchange that has services centers in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Tokyo.  
It allows the trader to exchange crypto to crypto, including the USDT token.
It was founded by Leon Li in 2013. 

Highlights of Huobi Exchange Platform

  • Huobi has innovated with newer decentralized and peer-to-peer exchange trading models.
  • Huobi also offers two modes: HADAX and OTC 
  • The HADAX (Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange) is better for professional traders. 
  • The OTC focuses on moving huge quantities of cryptocurrency.
  • The exchange has an AML and KYC verification mandatory for the user.
  • In Japan, Huobi raised JPY500m (USD4.6m) in a new funding method. because funding was raised by issuing new stocks to the Japanese financial services group (FPG) through private placement.
  • Nervos gives the technology for the new blockchain platform will join hands with Huobi to speed up the future of decentralized finance. 
  • They support MakerDAO tokens and decentralized apps (DApps) in its wallet. MakerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which is managed only by smart contracts and code.
  • The Huobi Token (HT) is now ready for making real-world online purchases of a broad variety of goods from the e-commerce platform FomoHunt.
  • The transaction fees on Huobi are based on the Maker-Taker Model, in which the maker gets a bonus.

             Maker - 0.015%
             Taker- 0.025%

Here is a video clip explain about how trading is going in Huobi

Source from Crypto Coins

How to start an Exchange like Huobi?

To start your crypto exchange like Huobi you need a Huobi clone script that possesses all the trading features like Huobi.
We furnish our Huobi trading clone script development services to clients across all borders. 

Why Sellbitbuy For Huobi Clone Script?

We, Sellbitbuy, offer the Huobi clone software with the following features:

1.DDOS protection method 
2. KYC/AML process.
3. Secured Admin Panel.
4.Android / IOS Development.
5. Fast and quick response to the transaction, receive a notification popup 
6. Multiple security layers 
7. Multi coins and multi-language support.
8.Payment Gateway Integrations and a lot more.

Technology stack involved in Huobi trading script

We have a lot of technical languages to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform secure like, 

  • Php cryptocurrency exchange development 
  • Java digital coins exchange development 
  • Mean stack bitcoin exchange development
  • ASP.Net Ethereum exchange development

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