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Guide to start a peer to peer exchange site like bibox and linkcoin.
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Guide to start a peer to peer exchange site like bibox and linkcoin.

Guide to start a peer to peer exchange site like bibox and linkcoin.

The cryptocurrency exchange business has become the newest business idea in today’s technology world. The crypto marketplace has a lot of competition if you are the newbie comes with dream minded.

Don't worry, you will become the sunshine in the crypto marketplace.

Just follow the basic steps to taste your success in the cryptocurrency exchange business. 

1.you can take a pitch of time to analyze the current trend cryptocurrency exchange website. 

Example: you can take notes about which are the cryptocurrency exchange platform fix the crypto-coin price high or low.

after the analyze section, you can get some innovative ideas to set up your own cryptocurrency exchange website.

We are sellbitbuy topmost software company help you to take the correct decision to improve your crypto entrepreneur carrier in a successful manner.

Just read this article till the end at the end you are the great crypto businessman in crypto industries.

What is bibox?

Bibox exchange platform was organized by a top team from Chinese blockchain giants. The bibox platform uses AI algorithms that execute optimal trades with the goal of maximizing returns. 

Special in the bibox exchange platform

Bibox has its own token is called BIX. It also runs on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token.

In addition, Bibox comes with its own product called CunBi Bao.

This is crypto to the crypto trading model in bibox exchange website.

The supported tokens on the platform include NEP-5 tokens, CPChain, ELF, HPB, IoT Chain, KEY, Pundi X, and Trinity.

Who is investing in  BIX token they receive 20% of the Bibox exchanges profit.

How does bibox exchange platforms work? 

Step 1

You want to enter your official email address and password. When you submit it and you will receive an account confirmation link to your email address.

Step 2

To prevent your account you just use three type authentication method like SMS authentication,2FA, Funds password.

Step 3

You need to deposit your digital coin in bibox wallet.  When the deposit is over, an email is sent to confirm. Further, you can check the deposit history, withdraw history, etc.

Step 4

You can trade your desired coins like BTC, ETH, USDT, DAI, and BIX the choice is yours to view trade in a full-screen mode or basic mode.

Step 5

You can also click a token trading option to choose the preferred currency, e.g. BTC/USDT then you can buy or sell digital currency.

Step 6

After the trade, click on the “Funds” button, then look for the coin you want to withdrawal.
Click on “Withdraw” enter all the necessary details asked in bibox website and  Check all the details carefully and then click on the confirm link in your email.

Verification method in bibox exchange website

Bibox exchange websites have verification method however, unverified accounts are able to trade freely and make withdrawals of up to 2 BTC per day. 

If complete your profile verification like region, full name, passport number, and a scanned copy of your passport the daily withdrawal limit will be increased to 20 BTC per day.

LinkCoin is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange is an entry-level cryptocurrency exchange affiliated with Bibox. 

How to buy /sell the digital coins in linkcoin?

Linkcoin exchange platform has BTC,ETH,USDT,EOS,LTC etc.You can get these coins through the Canadian dollar(CAD), Renminbi (CNY), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Japanese Yen (JPY) and US dollar (USD).

The linkcoin provides the token named as the LinkCoin(LKN). The token is made in ERC 20.

All trader can use this LKN token will be offered a 50% discount on the transaction fee.

The is two option like direct order, post-purchase order.

Direct order


If you need to buy or sell the crypto in the linkcoin website.you can see the right side the is option like buying or selling option.

Step 2

If you are the buyer click the buy option enter the purchase amount and the confirmation mail will send to your email account 

Step 3

In the end, the seller also want to enter the sales amount and the confirmation mail will send to your email

Step 4

At this endpoint, the seller crypto coin will freeze in the platform.

Step 5

The chat section will open for two parties can share the transaction information. After confirming that the buyer can a transaction amount and click “confirm payment” on the right side of the dialog box after the payment. 

Step 6

After checking the transaction information, The seller can click the "OK" button. The system will release the digital coins, which will be immediately stored in the buyer LinkCoin wallet.

The initial seller set time if the buyer has not paid after a certain period of time, the system will automatically cancel the transaction.

Place an ads method

Step 1

If you need to buy or sell the crypto in the linkcoin website.you can see the right side the is option publish an ad method

Step 2

If you are the seller click the publish ad method option select the type of digital coins, receiving payment option, sell out premium option, maximum selling price. 

After publishing an ad, you can meet your buyer through the chat section. 

Collection of fees

The exchange just charges a 0.6% service fee on every transaction made by traders. Users that post an advertisement will still need to pay the service fee. 0.6% service fee combined with a 50% discount means that LKN holders will only have to pay a 0.3% service fee.

If you are attracted through this business model like bibox or linkcoin. We are the sellbitbuy team help you to raise your crypto exchange business topmost in crypto industries. 

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