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Escrow trading script-Start your own escrow trading business to get more revenue.
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Escrow trading script-Start your own escrow trading business to get more revenue.

Escrow trading script-Start your own escrow trading business to get more revenue.

In everyone life, the term trading means “exchanging one item for another one”.Simple you can buy something for a fixed price and sell it again to get more money in the market.

Most of the investor followed the two formula in their business “increase in demand it will automatically increase your profit and if you increase your supply it will decrease your profit”.

Example: If you are the fruit shop owner you have a 15 apple to sale. If one person coming to purchase an apple you can sell it at a reasonable price. At your luckiest time, the huge crowd of people wants to buy an apple in your store then, this is the right place apple is in demand you can sell it for more price.

When another store owner also has more than 15 apples sell it cheap rate. So, this ratio will show that the supply of apples has now increased dramatically. All customer has the same logic want to buy at a low price. The profit will be low for the store owner.

Online trading

If you want to trade all this one place without any doubt choose online trade with speed internet. The is an e-commerce trade website, stock exchange websites to book a bulk order, etc.

Transaction happens everywhere in the world. When never, you transact money to your friends there is the middle man to watch you transact is called the bank.

Now, I explained all general topic like trade, online trade, transaction.

The next interesting topic is what is a bitcoin exchange platform? what is escrow? While we need an escrow in the bitcoin exchange platform?  

Just wait minute, after going for the discussion we introduced ourself sellbitbuy leading software company in India. We offer a clone script for famous peer to peer exchange website like localbitcoins, Paxful,remitano, etc.

What is a bitcoin exchange platform?

A bitcoin exchange platform is a marketplace where a trader can buy and sell the bitcoin for the fiat money or bitcoin to bitcoin.

What is escrow?

An escrow is a third person used in a financial arrangement for holding payment while in a transaction.

While we need an escrow in the bitcoin exchange platform?

In bitcoin exchange industries, they transact a large amount of money to seller from buyer accepting some term or condition in the bitcoin exchange website.

While the is a problem in the transaction within a period of time. The escrow will take a responsibility to complete the transact without any pitfalls.

Eg: If you trade in localbitcoins the new user will be registered on the website. The new user is seller he/she must deposit their bitcoin in an escrow wallet. After receiving payment from the buyer, the seller can click release button automatically the bitcoin will be sent to the buyer wallet the whole process will take in 1 hour.

When the buyer does not receive bitcoin in his wallet.He/she can raise dispute resolution to call the escrow to solve the problem between buyer and seller.

Now, you understand the value of the escrow in bitcoin exchange platform.

Are you planning to start an escrow trading business?

Escrow trading business is a trend in the crypto marketplace. If you can choose a bitcoin exchange platform or crypto exchange platform, altcoin exchange, etc the will be escrow.

You can start your business in many countries but, make your escrow trading business successful one. You need to stand us unique one in crypto marketplace buy our escrow trading script.

The benefit of our escrow exchange trading script 

Secure administrator panel

An administrator should have certain prerogatives that allow you to manage your crypto exchange website effectively. In the crypto exchange website setting up payment gateways for the transaction and managing the trader deposits and withdrawals should be a fundamental feature that is inbuilt with our escrow trading script.

One of the key features of an administrator interface is to provide 24-hour customer support. There should be a way for a trader to contact you over email or a private messaging platform in case of any issues. 

Free demo

It is only proof to taste your success, Many crypto exchanges might look charming and tell about their exchange in the blog. But, it might not be as efficient When it comes to real-life functionalities. A demo in cryptocurrency exchange platform might help you to catch your audiences.

Prudent Actions:

One of the most important phases of a cryptocurrency exchange is to keep it legal. The regulatory requirements are KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti-money laundering). These basic requirements guarantee that the cases of malicious occurrences are kept to the minimum. A good cryptocurrency website will have to integrate KYC and AML.

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