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DxSale Clone Script To Start a Token PreSale Platform Like DxSale
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DxSale Clone Script To Start a Token PreSale Platform Like DxSale

DxSale Clone Script To Start a Token PreSale Platform Like DxSale

DxSale Clone Script

DxSale Clone Script is a 100% bug free token sale website script developed to launch an advanced decentralized presale token platform like DxSale. It offers functionalities like token minting, airdrop, token locks for starting a valuable decentralized project with the most secured code. 

Using our DxSale Clone Script, entrepreneurs can officially start their own DxSale like decentralized token management platform with the features like LP balancing, DAO provisions, fees tracking & much more.

Our crew at Sellbitbuy - #1 Token Development Company, offers complete technical support to create a decentralized presale token management platform like DxSale, by aiming to deliver a wonderful user-experience on Ethereum network. 

Features Of DxSale Clone Script

DEX Listing - DEX aggregator offers the list of multiple decentralized exchanges that comes to the industry.

Mints Utility Token - Total supply of token is increased by the token minting process. 

LP Token Locking - LP token locking provides a great control over the liquidity while holding it.

LP Balancing - Equally balances liquidity to pools instead of holding liquidity into a single basket. 

DAO Provisions - Decentralized Autonomous Provision (DAO), locks a huge percentage of total capital raised in the DxSale.

Advantages Of DxSale Clone Script

  • Funds collected in the liquidity pool of the DxSale platform are automatically locked at the presale.
  • No requirement is required to hold a token like BSCstarter, Unicrypt, etc,..
  • Easy to determine for how long a token can be holded.
  • Absolutely easy to automatically launch your tokens with no code required 
  • Entirely decentralized & autonomous.
  • Multi-Chain compatible.

Core Components Of DxSale Clone Script

  • Launchpad
  • DxSale DAO Locking Attributes
  • DxSale Farming Attributes
  • DxMinting Attributes
  • DxFair Launch
  • DxSale Swapping Attributes
  • DxDrop 

What is DxSale Network?

DxSale is blockchain agnostic presale token platform launched in August 2020. It witnessed great profits ever from it’s launch on multiple blockchain platforms that includes BSC, polygon, ethereum, etc,..

Currently, the DxSale ecosystem expands rapidly by introducing great successful projects like Everise, MiniBabyDoge, ElonGate, SafeMoon. Main goal of DxSale is to integrate AMM based decentralized exchange into it’s own ecosystem. 

How PreSale On DxSale Works?

Presale participation in the DxSale happens in 5 different steps.

Step 1: Choose the project of your interest that you wish to join in the presale from DxSale.

Step 2: Ensure that your wallet is connected to the right blockchain network.

Step 3: Just enter the amount for which you wish to participate in the presale DxSale.

Step 4: Confirm the transaction.

Step 5: At the end of the presale, just go to the presale address that you have participated. 

Step 6: Claim tokens at the end of presale.

DxSale Tools

Some of the familiar DxSale Tools are listed below.

It allows individuals to create and launch tokens, governed by $SALE token. This $SALE token is exclusively built to reward DXSale users at the earlier stage. 

It is a staking program that mainly focuses on improving revenue yield, when more and more products and users are added into DxSale. 

Staking Fee - 2%
Unstaking Fee - 8%

It allows locking of DxLaunch with DAO, (i.e) Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Extra added incentives allow more locking features to the DxSale platform.

It is a Uniswap style platform that allows trading of new tokens launched on top of the DxSale platform. 

DxMint allows you to mint your own tokens in seconds. Using this DxMint any individual can create/ manage their own token at the token presale.

It is an upcoming DxSale tool which allows users to farm yields.

Why DxSale Is Unique?

DxSale platform is developed to offer extreme scalability & flexibility for creating an innovative decentralized app for boasting the token sales. DxSale focuses on offering blockchain-agnostic user experience for the users to create an incredible user experience. 

DxSale enhances the flexibility of the platform, by constantly improving it to meet the demands that every user craves. Data is constantly provided to the DxSale blockchain to process a seamless transaction of tokens in a hassle free way. 

How To Launch PreSale Token Platform Like DxSale?

Do you wish to build your own presale token platform exactly like DxSale? 

Decentralized apps like DxSale can be built with the developer’s support who promises to deliver an ontime delivery of DxSale Clone Script. It is an instant solution for the entrepreneurs who like to create their own empire in decentralized token platform development.

A keen attention is paid by the developers for providing extreme flexibility, decentralization, & automation for offering interoperability options in your platform. Instead of building DxSale Clone Script, from scratch a quick purchase of it, let’s the entrepreneurs enjoy end-to-end functionalities of the token presale platform.

Why Prefer Sellbitbuy for PreSale Token Platform Development Like DxSale?

We Sellbitbuy, a token development company have a best team of professionals who are expert in creating token platforms like DxSale. Our team offers endless support for the one’s who plan to start a standard DxSale for making million dollar profits. If you are an active business freak who craves to launch a brilliant DxSale like token platform can opt for our instant solution by contacting our technical team for assistance. 

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