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Premium Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services
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Premium Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Premium Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

When you want to assure success in your business, the best idea to achieve is to follow the current trend of technical aspects and make your website domain a benchmark for all your competitors.

The crypto exchange business comes with advanced decentralized blockchain technology in secure ways. 

The initial of a crypto trading platform could be a turning point in its future. You need to meet a crypto exchange development company that could help you embrace this solution to the core.

Sellbitbuy is one of the cryptocurrency exchange development company you can get the most pioneering solutions for every crypto business. 

We giving the services that make your dream into reality. We make the development of the crypto exchange website, not just a product it's our duty.

What are the types of exchange we provide for our oversea clients?

Centralized Crypto Exchange– In this type of exchange the transaction detail is controlled over by the single entrepreneur. We provide a centralized exchange script to launch a real-time centralized exchange website with advanced features.

Decentralized Crypto Exchange– Decentralized exchanges have no middle man this is also called the peer-to-peer exchanges. or escrow service based website. Our decentralized exchange script is a source code is used to build a decentralized crypto exchange platform with trading plugins. 

Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Development –  Whitelabel crypto exchange platforms are gifted for the website admin they can change anything on a website like a logo, design, etc. Besides don’t have to spend an extracted amount of time or money on updations. You can get such a ready-made model crypto trading website with its features.

Cryptocurrency exchange clone Development - A  cryptocurrency exchange clone script package has a branded website clone script like localbitcoins clone script, paxful clone script, and many more. To start any crypto business like any other exchange you can buy it and set an exchange within 7 days.

Additionally, we are provided the cryptocurrency exchange app and wallet for the clients. If you need a web crypto wallet, we build in a secure language like Angular JS along with HTML and for the backend Node JS.

Further, you need a crypto trading app for an ios and android mobile our app developer can choose the finest swift, java language for front end and Python / Node js for the backend.

Our Features in Cryptocurrency Exchange Website.

If you want to offer a high-end technical exchange to your target audience and expand the user-based features as the priority for every crypto enthusiast. Here are some of the features that you must able to offer to your customer.

Wallet Integration– A wallet is provided to the users can store different type of cryptocurrency.

Escrow System– In these services the is no fake deals take place and both the parties get what they need. 

Payment Gateway– Without integrating multiple payment gateway options it is impossible to process the user transactions, thus, it is an important task to be carried out by our experts.

SEO/SMO Enabled– To achieve a large number of crypto users, you have to make your exchange platform as seo-friendly and this is the best way to stand number one.

Multiple Language– Your platform must engage the maximum of people in different regions.

KYC and AML verification: The user needs to verify their details before starting the trade.

And more...

Here are premium security features that can be integrated into your crypto trading script.

Multi-layer secure algorithm

HTTPS Authentication

Data Encryption

Jail Login

SQL Injection

Anti Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Anti Denial of Service (DoS)

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

If you ready to start a cryptocurrency exchange website business with us at a cost-effective budget.

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