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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company In Malta .
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company In Malta .

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company In Malta .

Are you looking to start a Cryptocurrency Trading Development business or Crypto exchange website in malta? 

Sellbitbuy welcomes you with warm hands!! You came to the right place to start your cryptocurrency exchange website anywhere in the world. 

Why we especially stand out in our cryptocurrency exchange development in malta? 

let go into the article for clear reference, 

Malta cryptocurrency island 

A malta is known as the crypto-friendly national and becomes the first country to have its regulatory framework.

They are no restrictions on an exchange, mining, trading and investing in cryptos. 

The Maltese government uses the cryptocurrency and blockchain in studies also.

The government has awarded 19 students free blockchain scholarships by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MITA) and the University of Malta.

In 2017, Malta has introduced first Bitcoin ATM in the city Sliema that allows users to buy bitcoin and check their balance in the e-wallet by using QR codes in their smartphone itself.

 Malta's government has organized to conduct the AI and Blockchain submit in November 2019.

Cryptocurrency Regulations and Legislation in Malta.

The government of Malta wants to become a digitalized economy using three sets of complementary legislative acts 
1. The malta digital innovation authority act (MDIA).
2. The Innovation technology arrangement and services act ( ITAS)
3. Virtual Financial Assets Act(VFAA)

The three-act make Malta one of the first countries in the European to provide robust legal management to the blockchain industry.  

Malta Digital Innovation authority act 

The MDIA also aims to regulatory Cryptos business processes about Innovative Technology Arrangements( ITA ) to support all governments regulating from different sectors to a better administration for the public benefit.

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (the “MDIA”) is article 591 of the Laws of Malta.
MDIA is a process of the development of all Innovative Technology Arrangements (“ITAs”) and Innovative Technology Services (“ITS”) in Malta.

The Innovation technology arrangement and services act ( ITAS)

The Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act (ITAS) creates a framework for blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and smart contracts – along with the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (the Authority) which will regulate, monitor and manage the industry.

Virtual Financial Assets Act.

 A Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) is defined as digital medium recordation that is used in exchange, a unit of account, or store of value and that is not equal to cashless money, a financial instrument or a  token’s.
The VFA rules will cover how brokerages, exchanges, and traders operate, making them reliable regulations industry.



Source: Crush Crypto

 How to set up a crypto exchange website in malta?

To start a New Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform they need a license from VFAA.
Register a new cryptocurrency exchange company in trade register notes of application in malta.
 The license will be issued after the company has passed the test required by the MFSA. 
The license is issued for separated cryptocurrency activities, among which:
Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs will be judged based on their prospectus.
cryptocurrency exchanges which will be evaluated on whether the tokens to be trader are considered fiat money payment.

What are the cryptocurrency exchange platforms in malta?

Malta is a haven for many crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs and it will provide a solid structure for Regulations and Legislation. Choosing a Cryptocurrency Development company in Malta is always a welcoming one.
Sellbitbuy is the topmost Indian and Malta-based Cryptocurrency Exchange development company with a professional team of developers has to experience in providing the best cryptocurrency exchange development services and solutions based on your business needs.

Types of cryptocurrency exchange business we offer 

Peer to Peer Crypto exchange platforms.
Centralized crypto exchange website 
Decentralized crypto exchange business
Hybrid crypto exchange website.

What are the features we provide in our crypto trading exchange solution?

Smart UI.
KYC/AML verification method.
Escrow modulation and wallet 
Feedback and rating method 
Multiple coins and language support.
Secure admin panel.
Live crypto price.
And more…
Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency Exchange Development company in Malta for your crypto-based business requirements?  Book a free consultation!!

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