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Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company
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Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company

Sellbitbuy has created its own identity by providing the best cryptocurrency exchange development with application services globally for a lot of entrepreneurs more than a 5+ year reputation blockchain-based company. We stepped into an advanced technical upgrade in " cryptocurrency exchange apps and wallet for both android, ios " 

Let us discuss why application plays a vital role in the crypto exchange website?

Why Smartphone user has been increased in the modern world?

A smartphone can get the entire information every nook and corner in hand. People think don’t waste their precious time searching desktop, switch on, surf with poor internet.

They have basic mentally except everything in mobile like a web application, portals, etc.

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms used to transfer type of crypto from one person to another person with secure blockchain-based technology.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange app? 

A cryptocurrency exchange application is a type of software is designed to run out whole exchange process like secure transaction, storage record seamlessly in smartphones, tablet.

Here are some of the aspects that say the importance of a crypto trade mobile app.

  • People will always look for the easiest and most secure way to trade cryptocurrency.
  • It is impossible to hack an application because it is made decentralized. 
  • In exchange, the app lets the user's trade cryptocurrency rapidly with anyone around the globe.
  • An impeccable net connection can make the trader's bank payment and transaction super fastly
  • You can store a multiple bitcoin in the multicurrency wallet.

I know you have a doubt whether the cryptocurrency exchange application comes through the wallet.

Our bitcoin exchange application comes through the inbuilt wallet like a mobile wallet.

What is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet?

Mobile cryptocurrency wallet is nothing but, an in-build module in digital asset exchange application store any type of digital coins. 

We can develop a type of wallet to our clients here are the few examples,
They are three types of wallets like software, hardware, and paper wallets. 

Depend on different security levels, they named hot or cold wallets.

Here is a short explanation, Software wallet are web wallets, a desktop wallet, mobile wallet.

Web wallet 

You can use web wallets to access browser interface without downloading. 

Desktop wallet 

 A desktop wallet is based on the software function you can download and execute locally on your computer. 

Hardware wallet 

Hardware wallets are physical electronic devices that called also a random number generator (RNG) that always generates public and private keys. The keys are then stored in the device itself, which isn't connected to the Internet. 
Eg: Trezor, Ledger Nano S, NFC

What is the technology stack we used to build a crypto exchange app?

The back-end is created using Java or Node.js. For easier and quicker development.

The front-end, you can use Angular or React, React Native or other development. You need one application that can run both on iOS and Android use React native.

If you are planning fiat to crypto you need PSP (Payment Service Provider)integration API such as Bitpay or Coinify.

Features in our cryptocurrency exchange application 

  • Log-in, registration for your user.
  • You can customize a user profile.
  • Store digital coin in a wallet. 
  • Cryptocurrency chat
  • Execution of transactions. 
  • Finally, see the transaction history 

Our expert is specialized in creating a crypto app in the MVP model. If you are interested in more amazing features,
Gamification method your trader can simply entertaining games during the trade.

Search for people selling bitcoins,ethereum and more 

Type of payment like cryptocurrency -crypto 

Take a report of the trader transaction details.

You are the new one to the cryptocurrency world don’t worry we can build any type of crypto exchange with the app.

if you wish to develop your own cryptocurrency trading mobile application with all fundamental features or your own innovative requirement with customized functionalities.

Sellbitbuy is one of the top-notch cryptocurrency exchange and mobile application development company having exceptional knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Our application supports multiple cryptocurrency and multiple languages, hence easily target more trader.

We have developed many cryptocurrency exchanges clone app for oversea customers around the world.

Localbitcoins clone app

Paxful clone app

Remitano clone app 

Binance clone app  

And more.

No doubt that the idea of cryptocurrency exchange and app development is a profitable business one. 

Engage with us to develop your own crypto exchange or crypto mobile app extremely faster at an affordable budget.


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