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Coinspot Clone Script - To support Unlimited Fiat to Crypto Trading
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Coinspot Clone Script - To support Unlimited Fiat to Crypto Trading

Coinspot Clone Script - To support Unlimited Fiat to Crypto Trading

Sellbitbuy - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Development Company for more than 5+ years. We offer businesses ready-to-deploy the best CoinSpot clone script to start your crypto exchange platform alike CoinSpot. We developed a lot of the foremost clone scripts to start your cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, Okex, Poloniex, Coinbase, etc.

Let us know what a coin spot is. Why do crypto enthusiasts prefer the coinspot website clone?

What is coinspot?

Coinspot is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in Melbourne in 2013. CoinSpot platform enables its users to buy, sell or store, send digital currencies without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. The founder and director of the coinspot exchange is Russell Wilson. 

Highlights in Coinspot exchange website

On Coinspot’s website, all digital assets are kept in escrow while trading.

The coinspot exchange platform offers multiple cryptocurrency wallet systems with inbuilt trading features. 

CoinSpot uses a bank-level security method where there is a low risk to be hacked. 

The accepted payment method is POLi Pay, BPAY, Blueshift Cash Deposit.

CoinSpot has a membership in the Australian Digital Commerce Association, they are officially registered with Australian Business Number. 

They completely follow the guidelines of AUSTRAC( Australia’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulator).

Coinspot exchange websites have low trading fees. The user who is buying and selling coins for AUD is 1%. When trading between crypto coins the fee is also 1%.
Market orders have a 0.1% - 0.25 fee. 

For AUD Depositor, there will be no fees for POLi & PayID deposits, 2.5% fees for blueshift cash deposits, and 0.9% fee for BPAY deposits.

CoinSpot's has the Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading Desk that allows performing high-volume transactions without the need for any order books.

What is the coinspot clone script?

A coinspot exchange clone script is a set of technical coding scripts that has all features and trading methodology like coinspot cryptocurrency exchange platform.
If anyone is interested in starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform like coinspot.
You can buy the coinspot website clone software from sellbitbuy. 

Why are crypto enthusiasts interested in buying the coinspot clone from Sellbitbuy?

In coinspot, the other country investors may not trade on this exchange. So, this is the right chance for crypto enthusiasts to start the cryptocurrency exchange platform globally through sellbitbuy coinspot website clone services.
The exchange platform accepts the AUS fiat currency. You can set the all fiat currency to trade in your exchange platform through sellbitbuy coinspot clone software.

Features in sellbitbuy coinspot trading clone script 

For the admin
Admin login is given with HTTP access to prevent hacking.
The admin can take the statistics report about the exchange.
 Users Withdrawal and deposit are inducted only after the Admin’s approval.
Admin can enable or disable the Fiat Currencies & payment gateways.
Admin can approve the KYC verification automatically.
You can change the design or layout through a white label solution.
You can set the user trade fee structure through crypto market price. 
For the user 
Your User can enjoy the friendly platform with a responsive design supporting a variety of tech devices.
Your user can easily sign in & sign up through the visible forms.
The will be a unique wallet address for every user for all to store their separated cryptocurrencies on the platform.
Users can Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies with their Local currencies which have local payment gateways.
Your user can ask the doubts through the live support chat.
The user wallet will be protected through the two-factor authentication methods.
You can buy the unique CoinSpot Trading Clone Script from sellbitbuy to build your digital crypto exchange platform like CoinSpot.

The Sellbitbuy team wishes you good luck in becoming a crypto entrepreneur at a young age.
Don’t miss this golden opportunity with us.

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