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Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Coinsbit.
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Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Coinsbit.

Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Coinsbit.

Coinsbit Clone Script is a cryptocurrency exchange website script similar to coinsbit with all its existing trading functionalists and enhanced security features, customizable API. Let this article explain how to start a cryptocurrency trading exchange like coinsbit.
Sellbitbuy cryptocurrency clone script development provides the unique coinsbit clone script with premium features to make you secure a high position in the crowd of competitors.

What is coinsbit?

Coinsbit is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform having fiat to crypto services run by day-to-day EXRT network price and headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Coinsbit has a 1000000 TCP processing speed and 24/7 support in a variety of languages. Coinsbit has a lot of interesting features. It particularly promotes three features like the high-performance trading engine and security and supports main coins. 

Highlights of The Coinsbit Exchange Platform

The traders can buy Bitcoin using different types of payment options. Visa/MasterCard or sell Ethereum for Ripple. 
The user can list their coins on Coinsbit’s IEO platform.
The auto trading API allows you to connect your account with another account with the automated trading bot.
The Coinsbit has a unique InvestBox to help the trader investment service.
You can lend some crypto from other traders to add to your trading capital and give it back with a profit. 
It allows your user to start trading on Coinsbit exchange for the different payment options.

Why start an exchange like Coinsbit?

Coinsbit has a centralized exchange platform where the user has an easy way to own their crypto with pairing. 
The most interesting facts by Coinsbit involves:

  • High volume of liquidity
  • Two Factor Authentication.
  • KYC and AML Verifications 
  • Online and mobile wallet 
  • Instant Transactions
  • Low trading Fees 

How can you make money with our Coinsbit Clone Script?

The owner of the exchange website can gain money by charging these kinds of fees.
Trading fee
The trading fee is the source of income for any crypto exchange. You can be allocated the trading fees for your user to gain more money.

Crypto & Token Listing fee
Traders can list their coin & token and you can charge a listing fee by creating an exchange platform like coinsbit.

Withdrawals and Deposit fee
You can also add the withdrawing and deposit fees deductions charge from the traders. Likewise, you can also charge traders.

Features integrated into our coinsbit clone script

  • Customize white label solution 
  • Faster trading matching engine
  • Assured Chat system
  • Online and offline wallet storage.
  • Affiliate program management system.
  • Multi trading order types
  • Optimistic fund locking 
  • Merchant plugin 
  • IEO launchpad Implementation 
  • Hacker intrusion detection system and a lot more

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