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We Excel in Developing Centralized, Decentralized and Hybrid Crypto Exchange Platforms.
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We Excel in Developing Centralized, Decentralized and Hybrid Crypto Exchange Platforms.

We Excel in Developing Centralized, Decentralized and Hybrid Crypto Exchange Platforms.

When it comes to the digital business “Cryptocurrencies” and crypto exchanges play a vital role in the crypto space. If you are looking to start a cryptocurrency exchange business, then you should understand the type of cryptocurrency exchange development. 

First of all, starting a cryptocurrency exchange is not just like e-commerce website development or any other web-based product. 

It would require some additional efforts and technical knowledge to develop. So, I hope this article will explore the type of cryptocurrency exchange platforms and what type of business you can choose more revenue comfortable for you. 

What is a cryptocurrency exchange platforms?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms where users can exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency to cryptocurrency. 

Type of cryptocurrency exchange website 

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX)

In the crypto-world, “centralized” means a third person who can centralize everything in cryptocurrency exchanges. Where the buyers and sellers come together and the exchange of digital coins through fiat currency.

 However, there are few high peak exchanges are CoinDeal, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Robinhood.

You can start a bitcoin or crypto exchange website in a centralized manner using our premium centralized exchange script

Decentralized Exchange Platforms (DEX)

A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) does not depend on third-party services. DEX is also known as the peer-to-peer (P2P) trades occur directly between users.

There are at least three ways to move your business in DEX. 

One of them is to create tokens and sell it.

 The second one is to make a multi-signature escrow wallet.

A third one is to make a programmed trusted wallet to save cryptos. 

If you want to build a cryptocurrency exchange website in DEX way buy our innovative techy fit decentralized exchange script.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange (HEX)

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange is a combo of both centralized and decentralized exchange. This type of exchange can allow the user to trade with and without middle man authority. Admin can decide which type of exchange has to set a CEX and DEX.

You need to set both centralized and decentralized combination website just hire our website developers team to build a hybrid crypto exchange website.

Sellbitbuy is a cryptocurrency exchange development company provides the script for all entrepreneur to set up any type of crypto exchange business instantly.

Explore sellbitbuy cryptocurrency exchange development features

We integrate the best industry practices technology features that bring more trader back to your platforms.

User module 

Multi-currency Support 

You can offer to your traders to trade multiple cryptocurrencies at the live price.

Live Ticker

The trader can know the live price of each cryptocurrency in real-time

Easy Log in

Your trader can share the exchange information in their social media accounts.

Referral Program

Your traders can earn money through referral programs they can promote your platform.

Instant Payments

Your traders can send and receive digital coin through different payment gateway method.

Admin module 

 KYC /AML Verifications 

The admin can authenticate the new trader documents and withdrawal /deposit details are followed by the AML.

CMS Dashboard

The admin can maintain the blogs and traders' information, change the theme, etc.

Reports & Analytics

The admin can view the trader data and download it through the doc, pdf files.

Transaction History

Each transaction is recorded, optimize, and filter the fraud accounts.

Security Module 

Two-Factor Authentication

Protect the single customer accounts with an additional layer of security through mail authenticated, SMS authenticated, etc.

Jail Login

When the traders can log in many numbers of times with wrong credentials the notification will be sent to the admin

Firewall Protections

Protect your user's account and their transactions from DDoS attacks, server cache, IP clash, etc.

Tracking IP Address

Maintain the user IP login and restrict malicious users.

Our Special Add-ons that give a supreme supports

We offer superior add-ons that list can make your exchange in top among the competitor. 

Trading Bots

It makes more user engagement through automating order functionalities to stay on it.

Trade Calculator

Enable users in the chat system coverts the trade rate through conversions. 

Trade charts

Introduce new trading patterns or offers for your customers

IEO Upgrade

Launch your crowdfunding platform that can help an investor to list their tokens

How sellbitbuy can support you to create a cryptocurrency exchange website?

We at sellbitbuy helps business people to launch a cryptocurrency exchange website with blockchain technology. Now, exclusively We are providing tremendous cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts. Hence We hope our cryptocurrency exchange script,  decentralized exchange script, and hybrid exchange script help many people to start a cryptocurrency exchange business to make money from any location. Our expert team will guide you to begin the crypto exchange online business.

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