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Build A Super Fast Crypto Exchange Platform With Algorithmic Trading
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Build A Super Fast Crypto Exchange Platform With Algorithmic Trading

Build A Super Fast Crypto Exchange Platform With Algorithmic Trading

To bring a new cryptocurrency era all cryptocurrency exchange business has become the most demanded and profitable business among the investors.

To run a cryptocurrency exchange platforms you need to know how the trade works. In this blog section, we are going to discuss algo trading, This will help you to gain more profits in your business. 

What is algo trading?

An Algo trading is also called as the automated trading, black-box trading, or algo-trading uses a software program that defined set of instructions code is based on price, quantity, or any mathematical model to place a trade. 

The algorithm will automatically monitor the stock price to place the buy and sell orders when the trader's terms and conditions meet. The main advantage of this trader no longer needs to check the live prices and graphs or put in the orders manually.

The benefit of algo trading 

The algorithms have been written in an advanced language for fast transactions within a fraction of seconds.

The is program codes totally executes without pitfalls and they will execute the trade automatically.

In algo trading, the algorithms can run on the historical data to find out errors and solve it before making it live.

 It saves time, manpower, effortlessness and to reduces cost transitions.

How Does Algo Trading Works?

Before you go to the topic of how algo trades works .here is some basic concepts to know about it 


For any type of algorithms function, data is the major key element here is the two different types of data.

1. Structured data include names, dates, addresses, numbers, stock information, and more. In algo trade, they represented such as spreadsheets, CSV files, JSON files, XML, databases, prices, trade volumes, financial data, etc.

2.Unstructured data that does not have any format they include the image, news, social media, audios/ videos, etc. 

Financial Model

The algorithmic trade, the system involves functions based on a set of rules with different function sceniors.


  The trade executes the smooth with such as price degrees, speed, accuracy, frequency, etc.


They monitor the functioning of the algorithms, such as the Sharpe ratio, Treynor Ratio, Return of investments, etc.

Trading process using a BOT step by step:

Created a new account and connected with external exchanges.

The traders can choose trading pairs according to their preferences and set the crypto trading BOT timing.

The BOT will execute the at the time 

The traders can track the process by downloading the BOT app.

If you want to set up your own crypto exchange with algo trading platform. We are the sellbitbuy cryptocurrency exchange development company. We can build any type of crypto trading website with algo trading system.

Features of a crypto exchange in algo trade platform

High volume transaction process system – The BOT should be able to process multiple transactions at the same second with a different location at minimum latency.

Integrated powerful tools - The exchange carries many tests like backtesting, live market tests, paper trading options, etc.

 User interface – The UI should have core functionality, graphical data, and charts, robust configurations that fit the user preferences

Connectivity – The algorithms should be in a format it has the ability to connect to different multiple markets traders and sources of data.

Security – The BOT should be protected with multi-layer security protocols to execute trades without any errors.

 You can start trading BOT without worry about all the technical, security, and the costs involved. We at sellbitbuy have a set of the most experienced and dedicated designer developers and tester help you with a crypto exchange algo trading platform for any type of exchange you prefer.

Features in Algo trading software at sellbitbuy 

  • We are having a cutting edge technology platform and infrastructure

  • Interface with charting tools like coin tracking etc.

  • APIs  in different language like .NET, Java, C++ Python

  • Development of customized plans

  • Stock Exchange admins approval.

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