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Guide To Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Paxful | Paxful Clone Script
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Home > Guide To Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Paxful | Paxful Clone Script
Guide To Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Paxful | Paxful Clone Script

Guide To Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Paxful | Paxful Clone Script

Are you going to start a popular exchange website like Paxful? Great idea!! To gain more money in a short period I want to tell you just have reached the right place to step up your business growth development with our readymade Paxful clone script !!

Lets we get into the article, In this section, you can know how to set up a bitcoin exchange marketplace like Paxful? 

Paxful is the leading peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform that allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The unique feature in Paxful is that there are "300 payment options" are available for users to buy and sell bitcoins with anyone.

The huge payment options that can be classified into Bank transfers, Online wallets, Gift cards, Debit/credit cards, Digital currencies, etc.,

In the paxful, there are lots of features for the users, Buy/sell bitcoin online, trade with secure escrow, free wallet, reputation system, earn extra income, etc.,

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: New York, United States
Founders: Ray Yussef, Artur Schabacker

How does Paxful Works?

 Step 1:  First of all, the user has to register in the paxful exchange. The user has to submit any one of the documents for verification. Then sign in to the account.

 Step 2:  After that, the user can buy/sell the bitcoins. If the user wants to buy/sell the cryptos, then they can post the advertisements about their requirements.

 Step 3:  Then the buyer and seller interact via live chat, if it is confirmed, then the payment process is done. Once the fiat currency is done, the seller checks and then click " Mark as paid".

Step 4:  After that cryptos transfer from escrow wallet to the buyer wallet. Then the process completed.

Revenue model in Paxful

1. Affiliate Program

2. Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk

3. Paxful Wallet App and so on.

Affiliate program helps you to earn bitcoin by clicking your affiliate link. 

In the Paxful exchange platform, there are two types tier1 and tier2. 

Tier 1:  If the user using an affiliate link to signup means, Earn 50% on standard escrow fees for each trade. 

Tier 2:  Earn 10% on standard escrow fees for each trade.

How to start an exchange like paxful?

You can easily start a cryptocurrency exchange website like Paxful. We, Sellbitbuy - one of the foremost cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts development company, affords the prominent Paxful clone script to begin your own cryptocurrency exchange website like paxful. We make your reliable website with technologically high-level features.

How the admin of a Paxful Clone Platform will Earn Money?

The admin of the Paxful clone platform has numerous techniques to gain money,

 1. Posting fee: 

For each and every user posting advertisements in the platform, the admin earns the commission for every posted advertisement. It could be both the buy/sell request on the platform.

 2. Transaction fee:

After completes the trading process, the users will be charged for every completed and successful transaction.

 3. Banner advertisements to earn money.

You can also add more ideas to earning a huge amount of money in your Paxful trading clone.

Features of Our Paxful Clone Script

KYC Verification

The user has to submit any one of the documents for the verifications like government-issued id, etc.,

Proximity match

Based on any matches of the user, the user can pick and trade with anyone for a secure trading. 

Dispute management

If any issues occur, between the traders disputes taken by the admin.

Reputation System

The feedback mechanism is to ensure the trustworthiness of the traders over the exchange platforms.

Private messaging

The traders can privately chat with each other in an encrypted chat system.

Escrow wallet

When the buyer and seller start a trading process, escrow admins take full control of the user’s Bitcoins. They will deliver Bitcoins to buyers if only the trade is matched with the sellers.

And many more features are available at the premium Paxful clone script.

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