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What will happen to your bitcoin exchange website with merchant API solutions
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What will happen to your bitcoin exchange website with merchant API solutions

What will happen to your bitcoin exchange website with merchant API solutions

Usuage of bitcoin has now widely expanded, and many of the traders are using the bitcoin for day to day digital transactions. As the main reason that, Bitcoin is gaining more acceptance in online businesses and it may be enticed to group of new online customers.

Making trading on your own bitcoin exchange website is an easy task when you integrate with Secure Merchant API Solutions (Cryptocurrency Payment API, Trading API and Wallet API). These services enhances your bitcoin exchange business website to a slew of new bitcoin users into your website.

Why cryptocurrencies are needed than the regular currencies ?

  • Bitcoin is the quicker and easier money to accept the payments wherever you can do bitcoin exchange and trading business efficiently.
  • Cryptocurrency has much smaller transaction fees than traditional credit card networks.
  • Though bitcoin is the decentralized currency for the people rather than funds issued by governments or corporations.
  • In online or physical mode, digital currencies are used more than the fiat currencies for making payments smoother.

Why merchant API solution is needed for bitcoin exchange website ?

“Merchant API solution with Cryptocurrency Payment API, Wallet API and Trading API makes sense of your bitcoin exchange business”

Sellbitbuy – Bitcoin Exchange Script is the best exchange resource is now available with Merchant API solution for accept bitcoin using features like cryptocurrency payment gateway, trade API, wallet API. This including services that help merchants integrate  in the form of API to bitcoin exchange website to make



Cryptocurrency payment gateway API – Make payment with cryptocurrencies using the secure gateway API support.

Wallet API – It is used to securely send and receive bitcoin through transactions through API. It provides simple interface for merchants can use to programatically interact with wallet.

Trading API : Sellbitbuy exchange solution provides powerful automated trading solutions for algorithmic traders and other active bitcoin users.

Sellbitbuy solution is dedicated to get businessman to set up with Bitcoin exchange business website with merchant API solution and can  provide invoices, and exchange the cryptocurrency for your local and global bitcoin users.

Benefits of bitcoin merchant API solution in bitcoin exchange website :

Low Transaction Fees :

When you building your exchange website with bitcoin merchant solutions, It offers less transaction fee. Accepting Cryptocurrency through payment gateway API  is more convenient. It wouldn't require to convert a local currencies.

Fast and Easier :

Unlike credit cards and paypal methods, cryptocurrency payment gateway, Trade API and wallet API is faster and easier without any third parties like decentralized manner. Its transaction are verified and validated in minutes.

Irreversible mode :

There is no charge backs with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Simply it is the irreversible mode. All verified bitcoin transaction is protected by the network and can't be reversed. Note : Bitcoin is digital cash.

Lack of exchange rate risk :

There is no exchange risk rate with merchant API Solution. All the exchanges have been made after the thorough verification and validation.

Make global exchanges :

Merchant API solution in your bitcoin exchange website can be made by the world-wide bitcoin users in secure and reliable manner.

Inviting new customers :

Bitcoin users supports to Merchant solutions. Get the word out that your bitcoin exchange website accepts bitcoin through merchant solution and you'll get access to a new wave of customers in your site.
Businessman, Don't wait still to integrate merchant solution like ( Cryptocurrency payment gateway API, Trade API, Wallet API). It makes easier and quicker for allowing bitcoin trading, exchanging and transactions.

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