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The Matter Is Same But Reaction Is Different
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The Matter Is Same But Reaction Is Different

The Matter Is Same But Reaction Is Different

Nowadays we can hear everywhere about president trump and bitcoin. Why Trump is connected with bitcoin – digital currency? 

Main Reason, Indication of trump statement " Make Bitcoin Great Again!”. President Trump's anti-government and anti-central bank attention and focus to the Bitcoin value. This sentiment felt inspired by his younger supporters. Moreover, president trump has appointed at least two or three Bitcoin cheerleaders to positions within his administration. 

Old News But You have to Know!

President Trump’s budget chief loves Bitcoin:

Actually, The man in charge of the Trump administration’s budget office, Mick Mulvaney is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Mick also is the founder of the Congressional Bitcoin Caucus.

Mulvaney statement:

“Blockchain technology has the high potential to revolutionize the financial services, the US economy and the delivery of government services. I am really very proud to be involved with this great initiative.” Mulvaney is also a gold investor we know already. It seems that the President Trump era is likely to be a godsend for Bitcoin – Digital currency.

Now Started Bitcoin Transaction Fees, Really..?

The Bitcoin – Digital currency blockchain is basically becoming useless for a low price. We can't use  Instant purchases. Frankly saying, For example, you order a beer at a bar, you are better off using cash or a credit card at this moment.

The p2p cash system has success for “free transaction”. Nowadays bitcoin 's increased transaction fees. Do you know that matter?  

Let's see the reason for increased transaction fees of bitcoin. Then what solutions exist to solve this problem. As a user of Reddit pointed out, more than half of the Bitcoin addresses in existence contain a balance low than the currently estimated transaction currency fee. However, the balances of these bitcoin address amount to roughly 0.0001 percentage of all bitcoins in existence.

In fact, The reason for the issue that this sort of modification has not yet been implemented is that coming to consensus on a proper solution for this sort of problem in a blockchain - decentralized fashion has proven to be difficult. This situation considered positive & negative that Bitcoin is resistant to these sorts of modifications.

The marvelous Turning point of Bitcoin Industry: 

Starting of the year bitcoin has reached $1000 Value. Do you remember that fantastic day? Why that value doesn't matter now. The reason for it is now bitcoin value reached next milestone. Today every entrepreneur is looking for bitcoin investments. Entrepreneurs realized that bitcoin makes millionaire soon. This confidence level is increased by using Bitcoin trading.

Yes. Today, Starting a cryptocurrency exchange trading website is a highly profitable business. Correct trading platform & features will help you become a millionaire. Trading business is not an easy thing as we think. Especially Bitcoin exchange trading is not. Sellbitbuy can feel your expectation level and react to your request. 

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