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New business features announced at Sellbitbuy 2017
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New business features announced at Sellbitbuy 2017

New business features announced at Sellbitbuy 2017

Sellbitbuy – Bitcoin Exchange software has now come up with an advanced bitcoin exchange business solutions to satisfy the current and upcoming bitcoin users as well as businessman for the future also.

By the way, What is Cryptocoins ?

Many of them think, “It's a just digital currency. Oh Nope, It's not accurately that, It now acting as the business opportunities for all business man. Yeah, Its happening in modern globe“. You can also start your own bitcoin exchange business in digital world.

New features in bitcoin exchange/trading business :

For increasing exchange range in your own website , you need to upgrade bitcoin exchange website with latest and demanded exchange business features. That means which acquires endless users flow into your exchange website.

The advanced features in bitcoin exchange business you need to integrate :

Escrow application :

Building your own exchange business with safe escrow application, is optimally to provide the tight security in bitcoin transactions among your valuable bitcoin users. The escrow admin keeps track about users documentations and process. As as an admin are incredible position to make trustworthy transactions for users longstanding.

Dispute Resolution :

Dispute is a claim from users whether they didn't receive bitcoin or bitcoin payment. The admin of exchange website declares a resolution for users dispute to get their own asset.

Secure Wallet Integration :

Wallet Integration is the another major advantage of doing flexible bitcoin transactions. By the way, as an admin or businessman you can offer bitcoin payments and transaction through wallets support for bitcoin users convenient payments.

Liquidity Solution :

Liquidity solution provides believe and trust among bitcoin users. If, You can integrate your bitcoin exchange website with liquidity function, traders have a great hope that you are well versed in bitcoin trading and exchanging. And you are handled bulk bitcoin transactions. Automatically their trust makes traders flow will increase in your website eventually it increases revenue in your website.

White-Label Solution :

White-Label solution creates your bitcoin exchange business an unique and self-branding way. You can set your bitcoin exchange business with own style, design, logo and branding name. By the way, you can offer a distinct bitcoin exchanging and always stands out from your reveals.

Margin Trading & Lending Facilities :

An another advanced feature in bitcoin trading business is margin trading and lending !

First of all, you want to know what is margin trading and lending ?

Margin Trading & Lending :

Margin Trading is the process where the investor borrows money in terms the amount of one btc from exchange business owner or admin. For example :

Suppose the investor have less amount of $500. But the bitcoin present price is $1000. The investor expecting the value of bitcoin continues to increase in future. And also he wants to make more profit with the bitcoin. Now, he borrows the rest of amount $500 from the admin to make 1 btc value. The admin makes an agreement between them to make payment within particular time. The borrowed investor waits for sometime to attain high bitcoin price and then he settled borrowed amount to the respective businessman or admin. The investor doubles his investment amount.

What the business man can get from margin trading ?

By the way, the admin or business man can gain more profit in exchange by enabling margin trading. Margin trading is the demanding functionality for all bitcoin traders and investors who wants to gain more profit more profit within short duration. So that, large number of traders will participating in your exchange website, automatically it increases traders flow and profit in your own exchange website.

Sellbitbuy Bitcoin Exchange Business software proudly announced these excellent and advanced features for bitcoin entrepreneurs who wants to create an distinct bitcoin exchange business. The ready-made solution tremendously increases traders traffic and profit within every minute. Now build or integrate your exchange business with these to become a millionaire !

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