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Ethereum Token Development Company
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Ethereum Token Development Company

Ethereum Token Development Company

Sellbitbuy-  Best Ethereum Token Development Company, as we have more than 5+ years of experience in the Ethereum Token Development Project. We have certified developers in designing and deployment of each Ethereum Tokens like ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 777 and ERC 223,

Let us discuss the basic topic like ethereum, why ethereum tokens and many more questions with answers.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrency that run’s on the open-source platform built with blockchain technology that allows developers to build and deploy decentralized applications.

Ethereum not only has its currency (Ether) but also has tokens on top of that which can act as currency themselves.

How do Ethereum Tokens Works?

Ethereum Tokens are distinct tokens made on Ethereum Virtual Machine. Ethereum not only has ether as its currency and it considers Ethereum token as currency.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a software that runs on the Ethereum network. It allows anyone to run any program, despite considering the programming language provided enough time and memory.

In EVM there is the main concept like the smart contract is a program code that can facilitate the exchange of anything asset in value. When running smart contracts in blockchain a set of programs that automatically executes when specific conditions are met they run exactly as programmed without downtime, third-party interference.
Ethereum has various token with different smart contract standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, ERC827, ERC223 and much more. 

The ERC tokens are usually used for crowdfunding (ICO) to make funds for a business.

Types of Ethereum Token

ERC 20 Token

ERC 20 is the official token created on ethereum blockchain which can be exchanged with another ERC 20 token. ERC 20 tokens are designed in a way that it can be integrated into blockchain wallets and exchange platform. Aim of it is to link the gap between crypto and fiat currency.

Source: Simply Explained - Savjee

ERC 721 Token

ERC 721 is a non-interchangeable token built on the ethereum platform and every token will be unique. It defines the few interfaces a smart contract must implement to manage, trade and own unique token.

ERC827 Token

ERC 827 is one of the latest standards of the ethereum network and extension of the standard interface ERC20. This tokens has approveAndCall(), transferAndCall(), and transferFromAndCall() function.

ERC 777 Token

ERC 777 token is a new standard of ERC 820. It defines a very unique way to "send" function to transmit the ETH itself. It allows people to approve smart contracts and transfer tokens , easily customizable because it will allow people to create additional functions on top of tokens.

Why aid with sellbitbuy for Ethereum Token Development?

We already told sellbitbuy helps you to create ethereum tokens and to Organize it in a Smartway. We provide 24 X 7 support system to provide a quick and fast response to all our customer's request.

We include these phases design, development, Deployment, and till the End-user. 

We have a team of skilled ethereum blockchain experts.
We have a specific and efficient smart contract developers
We deliver the results before the deadline time
We keep our client’s data entirely safe and secure
We maintain a good reputation in the crypto world globally.

How our ETH Token Creations Process?

Token Development

We develop tokens with strong and compact ERC tokens on the blockchain, as per the client's demand.

Token Transfer

 We support transferring services, in a secured manner with encryption and blockchain.

Digital Wallet Development

On-demand of clients, we develop a digital wallet for all the token users and investors to organize their Ethereum tokens.

ICO Development

Alongside the token creation, we provide service for the development of strong ICO to sell their tokens and raise funds for new projects.

Listing on Exchange

we help in listing the tokens on numerous exchange platforms to trade and exchange the tokens.

Cold Storage

We equip cold storage services, hardware security which is an assurance to secure tokens and prevent any loss.

If you are in an idea of Developing a robust Ethereum Token, bid with us, we are always ready to help you at any time.

Launch your own Ethereum Token at affordable prices.


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