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DAO Development Company - Let's Build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
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DAO Development Company - Let's Build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

DAO Development Company - Let's Build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations


DAO Development Company

Sellbitbuy - Leading DAO Development company provides high secured decentralized services to our valuable clients. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs) is like a business club for the crypto enthusiasts that runs under the shared goal where each person in the club has equal rights in making all decisions. 

Sellbitbuy a well known blockchain development company is now also expertise in developing a well organized and high performance DAO for our clients across the globe. Depending on the clients business requirements, we design and build a high level functioning DAO.

Introduction To DAO

Crypto space is continuing to occupy the headlines in the financial market conversation. The DAO experts claim that they are the next stage in a decentralized future. As the year 2021 was the year for NFTs, they year 2022 will be for DSOs. 

There are various shifts in technology and the environment all across the world. In the future the work culture of the people may also change drastically. People will set minds in working manner like investing, gaming, content creation, etc. This mechanism will replace the traditional office working culture. 

This technique will make people to main oneself independent with no controlling authority. This self-sustainable working environment will be developed up on various networks powered by blockchain. Our traditional work environment operates on the "work-to-earn" concept. But this new culture will operate on the basis of "create-to-earn", "play-to-earn", "contribute-to-earn", etc. 

For making them come into the action, we will need DAOs to make people explore and make profit. 

What Is A DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO), also called Decentralized Autonomous Corporation(DAC) is a kind of organization that operates by rules encoded as a computer program. These are very transparent, controlled by the members of the organizations, and not governed by a central authority. Technically speaking, there is no centralized leadership. The transaction records and the program rules of a DAO are maintained on a blockchain. A decentralized autonomous organization is a work platform based on open-source codes. The blockchain networks and the smart contract based decentralized applications are mostly supported by DAOs. 

The decisions in the organization are made on the basis of the member's proposals. Each member in the organization can voluntarily vote for making any change inside the organization by giving the ability for everyone to make decisions. The majority of the votes will be calculated and implemented inside the smart contracts with the rules coded. So smart contracts are the core of the DAOs.

Why Do We Need A Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

There are many useful benefits for DAOs but one the main reason for the need of DAO is conviction between two parties. This is the major benefit of the DAO when compared to a traditional working environment. 

In classic organization, trust is required more among the investors. But in the decentralized autonomous organizations, the code itself is enough to trust an investor as each action is going to be updated on  the smart contracts only after the approval from the community members. 

The community is fully transparent and verifiable. The internal problems are mostly solved smoothly via the voting system that has pre written rules in the smart contract.

How Does A DAO Work?

  • The organization's core team will introduce the DAO rules with the use of smart contracts.
  • These smart contracts are visible and auditable by all the members in the organizations. The smart contracts are the groundwork for the DAOs. 
  • To make decisions on different ways to receive funding, the DAO platform provides tokens.
  • The tokens offered will be helpful for making profit and fill the treasure. The protocol only allows the DOAs to sell the tokens.
  • The right to vote is offered to the members having tokens in return for the members holdings.
  • The launch of the DAO will be realyu after the completion of the funding. The code will be pushed to live and that cannot be modified. By voting method consensus can be done.

Do They Work In The Real World?

This new DAO concept is looking great on papers and working quiet well inside the world of cryptocurrency and defi. But how is it possible for real world corporations?. It is something to be desired.

These computer algorithms can predict the rise and fall of a product cost. But it cannot solve the problems that arise inside the factory. For example a worker strike. Here the power of DAOs can be understood. The AIs can't account for it. The DAOs are also work great in handling fraud and security issues. 

What are the Benefits of a DAO?

The below listed are some benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organization:

  1. It is a trustless platform, The Authority was not under CEO or management, users have partial ownership
  2. Voting Mechanism allows users to make major decisions on the platform.
  3. Completely Democratic environment
  4. Fully transparency and open source

Root Supports Of DAO


These employees are who work completely full time for a project in an organization. The demand for these embedded employees will never decrease. Due to greater extent of software and smart contracts the contributors now tend to have fewer influence when compared to the past.


People who are specialists in the sectors like finance, engineering, designing, etc will serve in a large number of DAOs simultaneously. They do specific jobs with some bounds. They get revenue from the DAOs actions and activities. 


The large number of activities and participation will make the network strong. The behaviors which will be beneficial to the network will be turned to profit. The participants will make money just by living online, shopping, etc.


This comes under the gaming concept. This is a revolutionary concept in the gaming industry as the people earn money just by playing games. 


This is a new education concept in which the person gets profit for learning something instead of paying for learning something. THis happens when the person's learning skill and knowledge gives value to the network.


Individuals with the internet and a crypto wallet can invest in high growth organizations. They become the investor in that enterprises. These investors are the key source of the income of the enterprise.

DAO Development Services

There are three main elements for the DAO Development Services. They are:

  • Centralized legal entity 
  • Self-enforcing code also known as smart contracts, 
  • Tokens for incentives for the validators. 

The development process of a DAO will start from inclusion of all the features and functionalities in the projects and the smart contract will be created based on the discussion.  Then the testing of the smart contracts will be done. Fundraising stage will take over and finally the launch on the client's server.

Some of our DAO Development Services:

  • Node Development For DAO
  • DApp Development For DAO
  • Smart Contract Development For DAO

Features of a Decentralized Autonomous Network 

Open Source Code

DAOs are formed by frames of codes that are independent & makers can create open source code that are easily accessible to each participant of DAO.

Smart Contracts

To maintain proper functioning of DAOs, the rules are coded as blockchain smart contracts which are executed automatically.

Blockchain Technology

To work in an autonomous & decentralized manner DAOs utilizes blockchain technology which adds transparency, immutability to the network.

DAO Tokens

In the Financing stage you must set DAO rules and to set these rules which have interior property, the DAO tokens are created.

Why Sellbitbuy For DAO Development?

  1. Blockchain Expert Team
  2. Fast Development
  3. 24*7 Technical Support
  4. Value For Investments

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