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TrustWallet Clone Script - A Solution To Create Crypto Wallet App Like TrustWallet
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TrustWallet Clone Script - A Solution To Create Crypto Wallet App Like TrustWallet

TrustWallet Clone Script - A Solution To Create Crypto Wallet App Like TrustWallet

TrustWallet Clone Script

TrustWallet Clone Script is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency wallet clone script exclusively built for creating a wallet like TrustWallet. It is totally customizable and perfectly compactable for various desktops & mobile versions. 
Our TrustWallet Clone Script is an ideal solution for creating an advanced TrustWallet Application with all-built in features like fast crypto transactions, security, instant push notifications, strong wallet supporting features & much more. If you think of creating a stunning TrustWallet application, you can approach us.
We, Sellbitbuy  - A  pioneer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Company is happy to offer complete support by building a fast performable bug-free TrustWallet Clone Script. By making use of this opportunity & deploy an amazing TrustWallet application.

Exclusive Features Of TrustWallet Clone Script

An overview of our TrustWallet Clone Script features is listed and explained in brief. Have a look at it.
Supports Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet 
160+ assets are supported and performs in a hassle-free manner. It is eligible to support all your tokens and virtual coins so that you can make use of it at full potential.
Multiple Cryptocurrencies
Multi cryptocurrency supporting options let's you to have everything in one place. It supports thousands of crypto coins and has the feature to add new cryptocurrencies if it is launched in the future.
Simple and Intuitive
It is simple to use and a buyer/ seller can use the same wallet address to manage multiple cryptocurrencies.
Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies 
Of course, this wallet it is permitted for buying and selling multiple cryptocurrencies. By the way, smooth transactions are performed with the help of this feature. 
Quick Transactions
Taking time into concern, faster transaction of virtual currencies is possible in a transparent network. Blockchains make a record of the entire transaction, thus it is easy to track.
Instant Push Notifications
Information is quickly passed to the users in the form of notifications. Whether it could be a desktop or mobile app, this feature keeps the users to be updated at any time.
Safe & Secure
Security of wallet is taken as a first priority by imposing features like bank-level security safeguards, application-level authentication security checks & more, which is used to prevent unauthorized users like hackers.

TrustWallet Clone App Development

Wallet development like TrustWallet Clone is developed with the intent of offering an easy solution for crypto traders to trade multiple cryptocurrencies. In this development process, an unbreakable and un-hackable crypto wallet clone script like the TrustWallet clone script is built by our developers by following numerous wallet development stages. 
A source code is developed by the high-end programming languages, like C, C++, Java for android versions, and TypeScript for desktop versions. A complex development process for building TrustWallet Clone Script is taken into a challenge by our developers to offer an error-free TrustWallet Clone Script to our clients across the globe.
If you are in need of our TrustWallet Clone Script, you can directly connect with us. Our developers and ready to offer the entire support. Further, you can add your customizations by talking freely with our experts.

Advantages Of Creating TrustWallet Clone App

Crypto traders/ users will be happy as there are many benefits in TrustWallet that can be enriched by the crypto users after this TrustWallet Clone Application is created & deployed.
Let's see it.
  1.  Extremely easy and convenient to use
  2.  A safe place to store all cryptocurrencies in a single place.
  3.  It can be freely downloaded and no charges are placed for downloading & using it.
  4.  Provisions for earning crypto's are possible by holding it in TrustWallet.
  5.  A credit card/debit card, can be used for buying extra cryptocurrencies.
  6.  Compactable and supports multiple devices for mobile and desktop versions.
  7.  It is open source and anyone can easily access it.
  8.  Tracking options are available that keeps the TrustWallet's users to have a frequent check of their asset.
  9.  This TrustWallet clone application is reliable, scalable, and fast performing to process transactions in a secured way.
  10.  You can own a bitcoin in just 5 mins.

What Is a Trust Wallet?

TrustWallet is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that safely stores varieties of cryptocurrencies in both iOS and Android devices. This wallet is launched by Victor ratchenko in November 2017 and it is the most trusted & secured crypto wallet in the marketplace.
Currently, 10M+ people are using TrustWallet to store their assets. Users of this wallet can monitor their track charts and prices available in the TrustWallet application. It is completely decentralized so that users can hold the keys and take control over their funds. 

How Does TrustWallet Application Works?

It is much simpler than you think. 
Add Cryptocurrency To Your Wallet
  • Initially, you must own an account, create it, and login into your wallet.
  • You will come to see various cryptocurrencies, select the one of your choice and then add it to your wallet.
  • Press the "Receive" button.
  • Copy your wallet address by screening the displayed QR code.
  • Now your funds can be transferred with the help of the copied wallet address.
  • Transactions successfully completed.
  • Now, have a check of the performed transaction by clicking on to "Transactions" button.
Send Cryptocurrency From Your Wallet
  • Follow the above process, but instead of pressing the receive button, you have to choose the "send" button. 
  • Similarly, scan the QR code and give the wallet address of the crypto receiver.
  • Fix the price that you wish to send.
  • Click the "Next" button.
  • Keep track of the transaction price that includes a gas fee.
  • Once get done, click the "Send" button.

Supported Cryptocurrencies In TrustWallet Clone

As said before there are 160+ supported assets in TrustWallet, so popular ones are listed below. You can have a glance at it.
  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. LiteCoin (LTC)
  3. Binance Coin (BNB)
  4. Ethereum (ETH)
  5. Ripple (XRP)
  6. Polkadot (DOT)
  7. Dogecoin (DOGE)
  8. Dash (DASH)
  9. TRON (TRX)
  10. Theta (THETA)


Our TrustWallet Clone Script is created in a way that supports the multi-asset cryptocurrencies like above. So, by making use of the TrustWallet clone app, a user can safely store their multiple assets.

Why To Use Cryptocurrency Wallet App Like TrustWallet?

Strong reasons lies behind in creating a safe wallet like TrustWallet, some of them are collaborated and delivered below.
It is permissionless
Cryptocurrency is not less when compared with our fiat currencies. People started accepting payments in cryptos, so to enhance and boost user-friendliness this TrustWallet can be freely downloaded and can be accessed without any permissions. Traders can keep a track of their assets and frequently monitor their balances in their wallet. It offers full control of the funds so the authenticated users can easily make a successful transaction.
Blockchain Agnostic
Blockchain agnostic means it allows multiple different types of blockchains to offer interoperability. One of the strong reasons and importance of creating a TrustWallet which is a blockchain agnostic, is because a direct communication is established among the users while a transaction takes place.
Encourages Collaboration
A cryptocurrency wallet like TrustWallet is a community-supported-oriented wallet. It means any developer can build a wallet on top of Wallet Core, as it is open-source. 
It is easily accessible & free
TrustWallet is available for mobile devices like Android and iOS, and there are no limitations for installing it, as it is available for free. The user can easily use it and the TrustWallet does not have any access to the funds that a user owns.
Feature Packed & friendly to use
It can be conveniently used by the wallet owner as it is developed with the motive of offering convenient usage of the TrustWallet that functions smoothly. Apart from the above, the TrustWallet application comes with the features like Dapps, lending/borrowing, staking of cryptocurrencies, etc,..
Okay, let us wind up this article by talking about the way to create TrustWallet like cryptocurrency wallet. If you are in search of building a TrustWallet like crypto wallet then we, Sellbitbuy are here to help you.

TrustWallet Clone App Development Services - Sellbitbuy

Yes, TrustWallet Clone Script development solutions are available to make your work easier. We build your TrustWallet Clone Script from scratch which includes the featured-packed features in a TrustWallet application. Our developers from top notch Cryptocurrency exchange development company is happy to offer all security modules to further improve the security of our TrustWallet Clone Script. 
Even more number of crypto coins can be added if you like to customize our ready-made TrustWallet Clone Script. We consider your demands and move accordingly by including your customizations in our TrustWallet Clone Script.
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