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Build a Bitcoin Exchange Clone App like Paxful
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Build a Bitcoin Exchange Clone App like Paxful

Build a Bitcoin Exchange Clone App like Paxful

Cryptocurrency trading apps are used by the worldwide trader can trade and manage their crypto holdings anywhere at any time.

Simple everyone needs an app for easy to use, a high level of security and offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade.

Some crypto apps support android and ios versions, other services provided by third parties, and offer connectivity to several exchanges.

Paxful clone app is a bitcoin exchange app that has all the trading features and plugin of famous cryptocurrency exchange like Paxful. 

We Sellbitbuy - The Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provides a Paxful clone app and Paxful clone script to start a bitcoin exchange like paxful.

If you are the entrepreneur looking to create their own cryptocurrency trading app like paxful for both trading and wallet usage. 

Are you need a digital currency exchange website with all functionalities like paxful then you can buy our exclusive paxful clone script.

A Short brief about Paxful

Paxful is a popular p2p bitcoin exchange marketplace where the bitcoin lover can buy and sell globally. They have 300+ payment methods, 1+ million happy customers with nearly 20,00,000 bitcoins sold on the platform. 

Recent News that highlights in Paxful exchange. 

1. The Paxful community recently joined its hands with OKEX to make a better crypto ecosystem.

2. Paxful added gold payment options on the platform to buy/sell bitcoins which can increase new users.

3. In recent days, Indian people also sign up in a paxful exchange platform its increased  41% volume of the new user in the crypto world. 

4. During this COVID’19, the average monthly user sign-ups have increased by 28% globally.


Our Paxful Clone App comes with premium features like 

  • Advanced UI/UX
  • User Dashboard.

  • Admin Dashboard.

  •  Bot Integrated Method.

  •  Finger Print Authentication.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Pop up notifications.

  • Geo-Location Tracking API.

  • Custom-built settings.

  • Deny payment method.

  • Quick QR scanner.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Clone App 

We develop a paxful bitcoin wallet clone app to send, receive, and store a bitcoins. You can transact anytime, anywhere scan QR code with other traders or friends. In our paxful bitcoin wallet clone app, traders can track the current status of bitcoins.

Do you want to launch a cryptocurrency exchange app as like Paxful, then contact our technical experts for paxful clone app development & request a free demo.

Why smartphones apps for crypto exchange services?

A fasted economy growth is gained by smartphone users especially in the COVID`’19 period launching a mobile-based app in the crypto exchange business will bring you a high profit in any difficult situation.

If you launching a mobile app for crypto trading can help to gain more ROI.

1. Grab the more attention of smartphone users in the crowd of crypto traders.

2. Increase the app download rate sources. 

3.Boost the brand reputation among the target audiences 

4.  Increase the high ROI of your business.

To know more advantages of launching mobile apps for the cryptocurrency trading business.

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